# 7 What’s in a Name?

“Where is he?” The smell of morning coffee answers me as I crawl out of bed. Wanbdi sits in his favorite chair reading his newspaper as usual, a large cup beside him. “Good morning. It looks like you’ve been up for a while.” I say. “Why so early?” “Good morning Masoni.”  He answers all smiles.“Come […]

# 6 Just Let Go!

They say six months in army boot camp, if you can hack it, will turn a boy into a man. This was true for Wanbdi. Years as a farm hand followed by rigorous army training had changed him from the hurt boy who walked away from his childhood home into a grown man – strong, […]

# 5 I’m Not Going Back

It should have been the happiest day – but it wasn’t. It was a defining day, the kind that changes the course of one’s life and embeds a memory of hurt, piercing deeply. It was the day Wanbdi ran away from Indian Residential School for the last time. The screen door slammed loudly followed by […]

#4 It was Indian Residential School, a National Tragedy

I sit quietly making prayers while I wait. For years, my husband had waited for a chance to tell his story. Finally, the Canadian government was taking responsibility for the abuse that happened in the Indian Residential Schools. A process was created whereby students who were abused in the schools had the right to sue […]