# 3 The Storm

The wind whips and howls, raging in the night. Even the darkness sneaks in between window frame and blind searching for refuge. Snow drifts grow into snow mountains, hearty and wet. I am afraid. I’ve been through storms before. They can rattle me inside chasing peace out in a flurry. All I can do is wait. The […]

#2 He Knows

  White hair explodes outward in all directions. Black rimmed glasses frame eyes deep and knowing. Dakota features sport a handsome face, sturdy and dignified. Meet Wanbdi Wakita on a Saturday morning. He is a man who makes prayers for people. Yet to me, he is my best friend, my confidant and playmate – a funny […]

#1 Why I Write …

The room is dark with only a faint sliver of light sneaking its way under the door. I smell sage burning on the altar in front of me and feel the presence of my relatives sitting on the floor, like me, backs resting against the walls of the small room. To my left sits my husband making […]